Portable Rapid Test Quantitative Analyzer



Industry Testing- Medical Testing; Food Safety; Industril Index; Pet Health...

Point of Care Testing; Home-Based Testing;  Remote Healthcare

COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Detection Platform


COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Detection Platform


A Miniaturizing spectrometer, called “Spectrochip”

Spectroscopy is one of the most significant science in the twentieth century; it mainly uses light wave to inspect substance's component, analyze the wavelength differences after different reactions, and obtain the characteristics from the substance.


Handheld Size - Same precision but is smaller in size compared to the spectrometer in labatory and hospital

High Accuracy - Acquire the same quality of measurement data as it is in the laboratory; Facilitate daily tracking

Fast Screening - Combining smart application it only needs a few minutes to obtain test results and data

Various Tests - Substance from test paper reagent below 350 nm~1000 nm can all be tested

Simple To Use - Through mobile application, you can quickly obtain the test data

Smart Tracking - With smart phone and cloud technology, you can record and view test data anytime, anywhere



COVID-19 Solution Platforms


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