ACExtract Total RNA Extraction Reagent

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Based on guanidine thiocyanate and phenol, ACExtract Total RNA Extraction Reagent possesses extremely strong lysis capability, can lyse cell and tissue samples at short notice and timely protect the integrity of RNA. It is widely applicable to culture cells, animal tissues, microorganisms, and plant tissues with less frequent secondary metabolism, such as seedling, spire, etc. After thorough lysis of samples in RNA extraction reagent, add chloroform and centrifuge, then the liquor will form a supernatant layer, a middle layer and an organic layer (scarlet lower layer). Collect the supernatant layer which contains RNA and treat with isopropanol precipitation to get total RNA.

General Information

Application Extraction
  • Simple and cost-efficient method for isolation total RNA from tissue and cell sample.
  • Without using organic solution such as phenol/chlororform and the procedure is done at room temperature.
  • Including gDNA-filter column which can remove gDNA contamination.
  • Ready-to-use RNA for high performance in any downstream application.

Figure : Extract total RNA from mouse heart (15 mg), brain (16 mg), spleen (15 mg), liver (13 mg) and 2x106 HEK293 cells. Elution volume : 100 μl. RNA input : 1-5 μl.



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