ACE Biolabs has a professional gene synthesis service expert team and technical equipment, which integrates advanced gene sequence design and optimization technology, and can synthesize genes of any length and various difficult genes for you according to your needs.


Our Service: 

  • Codon Optimization
  • Subclone
  • Ready-to-use Constructs



Please provide the following message:

  1. Please provide the name and DNA sequence or protein amino acid sequence to be synthesized.
  2. Whether to add or remove start codon and stop codon?
  3. Whether to add tag sequence, for example: 6x His etc.?
  4. Whether to add restriction sites at the 5’ or the 3’ end (depending on the position of the vector on the subclone.)
  5. Does the sequence need to exclude any restriction sites?
  6. Whether the sequence needs to be codon-optimized; if so, which species sequence to optimize for (depending on which expression system you used)
  7. Whether subcloning is required; if not, we clone the sequence into pUC57 by default. If subcloning is required, please specify the subcloning Vector name, map and sequence (please also provide 5 ug checked plasmid for subcloning).
  8. Complete the form and send it to


Gene Synthesis Delivery Period:

Gene size (bp)

Delivery period

< 400 bp

10~13 working days

400~1500 bp

10~13 working days

1501~3000 bp

15~20 working days

3001~4000 bp

20~25 working days

4001~5000 bp

25~30 working days


25~30 working days



Difficult gene



Gene Synthesis Service Flow:


 Contact Us for Gene Synthesis Service 

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