Plasmids are widely used in all biomedical-related research. The quality of amplification and purification of plasmids are the critical factors in a research project. The ACE Biolabs provides one-stop service of high-quality, low-cost for research-use grade plasmid amplification and purification. The ACE Biolabs has own laboratory in Hsinchu, which can provide different product specifications according to the different research and application needs of customers. The ACE Biolabs is an indispensable partner in your biomedical research career.



1) We provide endotoxin-free plasmid products (<0.1 EU/µg)

2) High quality control (OD260/OD280: 1.8~2.0, OD260/OD230: >2.0)

3)  Plasmids products would be digested with restriction enzyme and confirm by DNA gel Electrophoresis

4) We have customized production process


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