The production of recombinant protein is a protein obtained by applying recombinant DNA or recombinant RNA technology. Two key factors affecting recombinant protein expression: "expression system" and "gene sequence", need to be adjusted and coordinated with each other to obtain the highest protein expression level.


Expression System

The production of recombinant protein mainly includes four major systems: prokaryotic , yeast, insect cell and mammalian cell protein expression systems. The proteins produced differ in activity and application methods. Choose the appropriate protein expression system according to its own downstream applications to improve the expression success rate. Among various expression systems, the most common is the Escherichia coli expression system, which is also the most mature expression system currently. The E. coli expression system has become the most commonly used for the production of recombinant proteins due to its rapid cell reproduction, high yield and relatively easy induction of expression system.


Gene Sequence

Recombinant protein expression level is directly related to the gene sequence expressing the recombinant protein. The gene sequence and the corresponding mRNA sequence have a decisive influence on protein expression. Optimization of gene sequence can significantly increase protein expression, and even achieve soluble expression of insoluble proteins. Based on ACE Biolabs'  unique technical advantages, we can synthesize and screen gene clones with high expression and high solubility for customers through gene sequence design and optimization, while keeping the expressed protein sequence unchanged, and finally express and purify customers. The desired target protein. ACE Biolabs can also assist customers in designing synthetic codon-optimized gene libraries of protein variants, expressing all clones individually or in a mixture, and assisting customers in screening target proteins with better performance.


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