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ACExtract™ Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit (magnetic beads)

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This product is used for the steps of nucleic acid extraction, enrichment and purification. This kit is applicable for extracting highly pure viral nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) from samples such as human nasopharyngeal swabs, sputum, broncho lavage fluid and alveolar lavage fluid. The obtained nucleic acid can be used in the clinical in vitro testing.
This product is a nucleic acid extraction and purification reagent based on magnetic bead method. The unique embedded silica-coated superparamagnetic magnetic beads are used to adsorb nucleic acids through hydrogen bonding and static electricity, and then wash to remove the remaining proteins and salts. When using a low-salt buffer, the magnetic beads release nucleic acids, which are quickly isolated and purified.

General Information

Storage instruction The validity period of this product is 6 months if stored at room temperature (15 ~ 25°C); The validity period can be extended

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