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Pepstatin A

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Pepstatin A is an inhibitor of acid proteases (aspartyl peptidases). It forms a 1:1 complex with proteases such as pepsin, renin, cathepsin D, bovine chymosin, and protease B (Aspergillus niger). The inhibitor is highly selective and does not inhibit thiol proteases, neutral proteases, or serine proteases. Solubilized γ-secretase and retroviral protease are also inhibited by Pepstatin A.

General Information

Application Chemical, Inhibitor
Cas No. 26305-03-3
Purity ≥75% (HPLC)
Molecular Weight 685.90
Formula C34H63N5O9
Solubility 9 :1 = methanol : acetic acid : 1 mg/ml;Ethanol : 1-2 mg/ml with heat up to 60℃;DMSO : 5 mg/ml;Insoluble in benzene, chloroform, water, 1 M NaOH and ether.
Alias Pepstatin


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