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Lymphocyte Separation Medium

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The ACE Biolabs Lymphocyte Separation Medium is designed for the separation of the portion of vital mononuclear cells from whole blood, buffy coats, bone marrow and several other starting materials, e.g. crude cell preparations, by means of low-density gradient centrifugation. Lymphocyte separation Medium has a density of 1.077 g/ml at 20°C. It is sterile, ready-to use and based on Ficoll 400 and sodium diatrizoate providing optimal physiological parameters and low cytotoxicity.

General Information

Storage instruction Storage at 4-25℃ for 2 year. Avoid light. Do not freeze Lymphocyte Separation Medium


Appearance: Clear solution

Density: 1.077±0.001g/mL

Osmotic pressure: 290±15mOsm


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