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RAC(Ractopamine) Lateral Flow Rapid Test Kit (Urine, Tissue)

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General Information

Assay principle This kit uses the principle of Immunochromatography assay. It can detect Ractopamine (RAC) in samples, such as muscle, feed, etc. After adding the sample solution into the sample well of detection card, RAC of the sample solution combine with the gold-labelled antibody, so as to prevent the combining of gold-labelled antibody with RAC conjugate on the cellulose membrane. When the concentration of RAC in the sample solution is more than the detection limit, the detect line do not show color reaction and the result is positive. When the concentration of RAC in the sample solution is less than the detection limit, the detect line shows color and the result is negative.
Sensitivity 3 ppb (ng/mL)
Storage instruction Store at 2-30℃. With cool and dry environment.




Detection card (with pipette)

50 T/kit


1 copy

Other materials required but not supplied

Instruments: Homogenizer, Water bath, Oscillators, Centrifuge, Graduated pipette, Balance (sensibility 0.01 g).

High-precision transferpettor: Single channel (20-200 μL, 100-1000 μL).


Restore all reagents and samples to room temperature before use.

  1. Sample pretreatment Notice:

Experimental apparatus should be clean, and the pipette should be disposable to avoid the experiment result be interfered by the contamination.

  1. Sample pretreatment procedure:

2.1 Pretreatment of urine (swine) sample:

Take clear upper urine sample to determine, the sample needs to be centrifuged at 4000 r/min for 10 min if turbid.

Note: Detection limit: 60 ppb

2.2 Pretreatment of muscle (livestock) sample:

(1) Weigh 3.0±0.05 g of homogenized fresh sample into a 50 mL centrifuge tube, add 3 mL of deionized water and oscillate for 5 min.

(2) Incubate the tube in boiling water bath for 5~10 min. Stand the tube for 5 min to make it cool, then take the supernatant for detection.

Note: Detection limit: 60 ppb


1.  Tear the aluminum foil bag of the detection card and take out the detection card, and put it on a smooth, clean table.

2.  Take the prepared clear sample supernatant with the matching pipette, add 2-3 drops (about 60 μL) of sample to the sample well (S) vertically and slowly (Avoid foaming).

3.  Incubate for 8 to 10 minutes and then judge the results immediately


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