Protein Microarray Platform


Diagnostics - 

Detecting antigens or antibodies in blood samples; monitoring disease states or responses to therapy.


Proteomics -

Monitoring protein expression profiling..


Protein functional analysis -

identification of protein–protein interactions, including identification of members in a protein complex, protein–phospholipid interactions, small molecule targets, enzymatic substrates and receptor ligands.


Antibody characterization - 

characterizing cross-reactivity, specificity and mapping epitopes.


Treatment development -  

development of antigen-specific therapies for autoimmunity, cancer and allergies; identification of small molecule targets that could potentially be used as new drugs.



The proteins are arrayed onto a solid surface such as microscope slides, membranes, beads or microtitre plates. The function of this surface is to provide a support onto which proteins can be immobilized.




Simultaneously detect multiple proteins such as multiple antigens combined with detection of serum IgA/IgG/IgM for  profiling the immune responses against multiple antigen proteins.



Discover and combine different markers for the diagnosis, prognosis, and severity classifications for the clinical applications.



Only need 1 microliter serum the assay which is less than a drop of blood. In a microliter, we can acquire numerous data information for the research, clinical, and epidemical uses.



The protein microarray is a useful platform to show the specificity of the biologicals. 


High throughput 

Each slide can process up to 14 samples in parallel.


Customer protein microarray service




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